The Gallery

  The gallery was officially launched by YABhg. Toh Puan Mahani Idris Daim on the 19th of August 1996

The front view of the gallery

The Balinese influenced gateway gives a tropical touch to the gallery

The three pillars in sequence decorated with Paras Stones slabs


The second gateaway with steps that bring you into the water features at the back of the gallery

Figuratives work on Paras stone slabs by Balinese artist, Ketut Permana

The opposite face of the gateaway has a duplicate resemblance of  each other

My precious Banyan Tree side by side with a mangrove plant I brought in from Bali



Blooming lotus

Red Frangipani among the yellow, white and pink within the compound of the gallery

My old Keraton chandeliers


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