Anugerah Gallery's 14th Anniversary

The Inaugural Grand Art Auction was a success. Big thanks to Mr. Ku Seman Ku Hussein and Syed Mussadad of Mingguan Malaysia for their great write ups.

Eventhough we lost a handful of collectors as the event coincide with the Hulu Selangor by election, we had good fun. Artists like Abdullahjones, Sinaganaga, Pyanhabib, Kamaruddin Talib, Ghazalli, Samsuddin Mohamad and Sidi came to support us.

Among the keen personalities are collector Mr. Amir Rashidi, our Malaysian film producer Mr.U Wei Shaari, His Excellency Mr Ambassador of Yemen, Mr Azmil Hisham Abdul Rahman, Mr Hussain the CEO of Inch Kenneth, Rishun Rose, Jan and lots more.

The gallery received calls from collectors who had missed out the event. Ms Shamsinar. Ms Linda, Ms Rima and Ms Sabariah are among the keen potentials. So we have decided to extent our auction through 'Silent Bidding'

All potential collectors out there, kindly place your bid - we have until the end of May for you to to just that. After which, we will be having our Part Two of the Auction - Insya Allah


Ferri Anugerah Makmur

In conjunction with Anugerah Gallery’s 14th Anniversary, an art auction will be held at the gallery this coming 25th April 2010 at 5pm. About 20 pieces of selected artworks will be offered to the public. Among the big names are Anuar Rashid, The Late Ahmad Azhari @ Jeri, The Late Baharuddin Mat Yunos, Tang Tuck Kan, Sylvester Jussem, Yusof Gajah Ismail, Hj Tayep Yop, Ismail Embong, Samsudin Mohamad, Zaharuddin Sarbini and Mat Dollah.

The objective of the auction is to give Malaysian art enthusiast an opportunity to own authentic paintings at a bargain. Not only they are painted by well known artists, most of them are more than 10 years old. All reserved price are about 75 to 90% below market value. This will give good bidding opportunities for potential collectors.

An acrylic artwork ‘The Rebel Series’ by Anuar Rashid, measures at 92 x 92cm, 1981 is currently valued at least at RM 60,000 – The reserved price is only RM 6, 000

A mix media titled ‘The Face’ by the Late Ahmad Azhari @ Jeri measures at 50 x 30cm, 1998 has a reserved price of only RM 5,000 where as the Late Baharuddin Mat Yunos ‘Taman Negara’ oil on canvas measures 92 x 122cm, 1996 has an unbelievable reserved tag of RM 8,000

A few young but talented artists like Adeputra, Chekri and Khor Wei Kiang has reserved price from as low as RM 500

Malaysian art collectors are getting more knowledgeable and detailed towards what they appreciate. Still, they do not compromise on the quality, authenticity, rarity and investment appreciation value. Having said that, affordable painting is what they want. Anugerah Gallery understand their need.

A complete range of the artworks can be seen through the gallery’s blog at – The gallery welcome early birds to bid immediately. The advantage for them, should there be no other bidders interested – they will get the price they bid. The gallery can be contacted through the mobile number 016 – 633 – 6079 / To be invited to the auction, you may contact Mr. Ferri Anugerah Makmur through

Lot 10
Ibu Syurgaku 1
Abd Hadi Hj Ahmad
92 x 122cm
Oil On Canvas

Reserved Price RM 2, 000

Lot 1

The Rebel Series – Inderapura 1
Anuar Rashid
92 x 92cm


Lot 2

Taman Negara
Baharuddin Mat Yunos - Deceased
Oil On Canvas
92 x 122cm

Reserved Price RM 8, 000

Lot 3

The Face
Ahmad Azhari @ Jeri – Deceased
Mix Media
30 x 50cm

Reserved Price RM 5, 000

Lot 4

The Cloudy Morning – Hong Kong
Tang Tuck Kan
35 x 55cm

Reserved Price RM 3, 000

Lot 6

Two Balinese Ladies
Baharuddin Mat Yunos - Deceased
Oil On Canvas
92 x 92 cm

Reserved Price RM 6, 000

Lot 7

Menunggu Kelahiran
Samsuddin Mohamad
Oil On Canvas
122 x 183 cm

Reserved Price RM 2, 000

Lot 8

Welcome To Bolehland
Ahmad Azhari @ Jeri – Deceased
Mix Media
40 x 60cm

Reserved Price RM 6, 000

Lot 9

Puteri Gunung Ledang With Bullock Cart
Mat Dollah
92 x 122cm

Reserved Price RM 1, 000

Lot 5

Dali’s Moustache?
Ahmad Azhari @ Jeri – Deceased
Mix Media
35 x 55cm


Lot 11
The First Date / Adeputra
Acrylic / 62 x 74 cm / 2002


Lot 12

The Indian Dance
Ismail Embong
Oil On Canvas
61 x 92cm

Reserved Price RM 1, 500

Lot 13

Pelayaran / Mohd Fauzi Ahmad
Oil On canvas / 76 x 133 cm / 2001

Reserved Price RM1, 800

Lot 18

Klirieng / Sylvester Jussem
Oil On Canvas / 92 x 122 cm / 1993

Reserved Price RM 2,800

Lot 14

Rambutan & Birds / Zaharuddin Sarbini
Oil On Canvas / 127 x 168 cm / 1997

Reserved Price  RM 2, 000

Lot 15

Barng Dance / Yusof Gajah Ismail
Acrylic on Canvas / 92 x 122 cm / 1997

Reserved Price RM2, 500

Lot 20

SerenadingThe Princess / Mat Dollah
Batik On canvas / 122 x 122 cm / 2003

Reserved Price RM 1, 500

Lot 17

To Temple / Mammor Jantan
122 x 92 cm / Oil On Canvas / 1998

Reserved Price RM 1, 800

Lot 16

Remang Remang Pulau Payar / Tayep Yop
Acrylic On Canvas / 47 x 98 cm / 1998


To All Potential Bidders , you are invited to bid early - you have the opportunity to own any of these masterpieces for the price you bid should there be no other bidders joining you


Anonymous said...

Dear Ferri

I am willing to offer MYR 11k for the Face and 12k for Bolehland. This is my last & final. Pls email me back if you agree at

warm regards

Humber T. Wong

Anonymous said...


I want to bid Lot 2 for RM 15K and Lot 15 for RM 12K. Please revert.


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